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No we are not selling the Farm! 
But we do have several items that need updated, replaced or are no longer needed by us - but they may be needed by YOU! 
If you are interested in any of these things, contact  Enjoy! 
1979 Ford Well maintained. Flatbed or Racks. Runs great, new tires, hauls most anything you want. It has been a great workhorse for us hauling kennel panels, cattle panels and loads and loads of dump runs. $2200 OBO
Barn Roof. Yep, that is right. As caretakers of this beautiful historic building, we need to finally replace the roof. I can't stand the thought of throwing all that history away and people comment quite often on the patina and possibilities of things to do with the aged metal roofing. So here it is. 
Approximately 2400 sq feet of metal. The upper panels are 14'. The two lower panels are 11.5' each. Private treaty. Contact