Each one of my dogs has taught me some important life lesson, but of all of them Chase has taught me the most. Beginning with patience and ending with - well - patience, (apparently I really needed that lesson!)  

Chase is what we call a 'soft' dog. When he was younger, at the first sign of displeasure he would immediately shut down and quit working. I had to learn to be a better trainer to accommodate his need for approval. It was sooooo worth it. Now he is my demo dog for classes, our community library ambassador for our 'Paws for Literacy' program and agility dog extraordinary! We have had some agility runs together that were the epitome of teamwork. That is an awesome feeling. Someday we are going to enter an obedience ring together. We will never get a perfect 200 because he has this cutest, crooked little heel where he kind of looks at me upside down - and it is so cute I never fix it. And that is OK. Training is all about setting criteria - and he has me trained to smile every time he gives me that crooked little heeling maneuver - criteria complete!

Another important lesson that I learned through this dog is how to be a better breeder - even though he never sired a litter. If we are the sum of our experiences then this experience taught me more of what I am looking for in a breed quality dog, that waiting for what you are looking for is worth it and that friendships can come out of unfortunate circumstances. When Chase first came to me, my hope and dream was that he was going to be my foundation stud dog. Unfortunately the words 'stud dog' and 'Chase' are rarely said in the same sentence. He just didn't grow up to be what I was looking for in a stud dog. When I was searching for this dog I chose the lines that I wanted and the breeder I thought I could work with. This breeder/puppy buyer relationship lasts a good long time and it is extremely important to find a breeder that you can have a relationship with for years to come. I had chosen wisely. His Breeder’s first concern was for the dog and his home stability - well she certainly couldn't have him back! :) The next lesson is that Mother Nature has a hand in everything and sometimes things just don't work out as we think they should. It was a difficult decision to neuter him - it would have been devastating to not have him in my life.

I am very fortunate to be able to share this special little blue dog with others through training lessons, giving pet owners a chance to see what is possible; Paws For Literacy and helping youngsters learn to love reading; agility runs of brilliant – or comic proportions; or ‘Chase’ style comfort.  We even get to ‘Chase’ the sheep around on occasion!

HIC, CGC, AX, AXJ, RN, OF, NGC, TG-N, WV-N, NVersatility Award, OAC, OJC, TN-O, Delta Certified Pet Partner, 'Chase'
Blue Merle Male, Neutered
This page was last updated: February 4, 2012
I believe that it is entirely possible that this dog is proof that there is a God and that he wants us all to be happy. I have yet to meet the person that meets Chase - and doesn't smile. He is sweet, goofy, loyal, kind and extremely clean; a strange attribute for a dog living on a farm. He has helped surly young boys learn to read because they must at least try if they want to play with him - and everyone wants to play with Chase. During the time we were going through his Delta training, my Mom had open heart surgery and Chase knew exactly how much contact she needed. He either laid by her feet or very gently climbed up beside her and laid still – not ‘normal’ Chase behavior. He is usually all wiggles. His instinct for comfort is amazing. His soft blue coat has soaked up many tears of family, friends and even strangers.