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    Training, Service, Fun for Pets & People too . . . 
The Groom Room: From this                                                                                                                                                                   To This
To This - The finished project. Clean, bright, roomy, comfortable.
***NEW*** Kitty Korner!!!  We are now caring for kitties in their own private area. Sami enjoyed being our first furry kitty guest.
Private kennel: Pictures soon . . . 
The Kennel Room: Construction Zone
And the Bonus: 6 brand new indoor/outdoor runs! 

Thanks so much for taking such good care of our dogs while we are away. We don't worry when they are at Chandrea Farms and we know they are having fun and being entertained, as well as having great care. Feel free to pass my endorsement on, I am very happy to recommend your boarding facility to everyone! 

Thanks again, Sheryl Krohne, DVM and David Krohne. (also thanks from Styx, Lexi and Luna)

Lexi                      Luna

Chandrea Farms is the Longest Established and Largest Boarding & Training Facility in Pend Oreille County!
Experience DOES matter when the care of your pet is a concern.

Our boarding facility has been expanded and remodeled indoors and out to allow more services, space and security for your pet's comfort and your peace of mind.

A bit of history and virtual tour. (Scroll down if you just want boarding information.)

The building is a late 1800's craftsman barn built by the local Menonites. With a fantastic foundation and excellent roofing, the structure is timeless and solid. We are gradually restoring and preserving this piece of history while utilizing it for a unique purpose. The result is an amazing environment that is comfortable and cozy for pets and people too . . . 

The finished project: Awesome!!! Beautiful and functional. Each area has it's own stainless steel water bucket and food dishes, adjustable to the size and comfort of your pet - Ergonomic! Perla beds create comfort and make a great foundation for blankets or bedding from home. Welded wire mesh, double gate latches and full tops over each kennel provide security and peace of mind. While we have wonderful large yards to play in, (the largest is 1 acre), the dogs do need to be contained at night and in between turns outside. 
The size of each dog's sleeping area is perfect for a Miniature Schnauzer - or a Great Pyrenese! 

We offer quality, affordable pet care with your dogs' fun and comfort in mind. 
Large insulated kennel room that is naturally and wonderfully cool in the summer, heated in the winter.
**NEW** The Groom Room has been completely remodeled with twice as much indoor space to play, socialize, train, groom and sleep. 
We have dishes, bowls, buckets, beds and exercise adjusted to individual needs. 
This is a unique experience for most dogs and many people. The dogs may get to watch, sniff or even bark at horses, cows, pigs, sheep or whatever other furry or feathered thing shows up on the farm. Our facility is clean and the dogs are well cared for in a practical manner. 
The building is historic, the setting is picturesque and most people visiting for the first time wish to send the dogs on vacation - and stay here themselves!
The dogs can play in one of many large play yards - the largest is a full acre. There is plenty of fun to be had on the Farm!
BONUS: Because we are also trainers, each dog or family of dogs is handled with care and in a manner which encourages manners at doorways, gates and crates and sometimes on leash. Positive reinforcement and the reward of fun events is always a treat for the dogs.

We are conveniently located 5 miles from Stoneridge Golf Resort and 35 minutes from I-90.
It is very convenient to travel with your dogs, stay at the resort, leave the dogs with us and take them out for the day if desired. 
Or you may leave them on the Farm for their own 'mini' vacation! 
Our location is centralized enough to easily drop your pets off on the way to the airport or I-90 for travel by car. 

Boarding is scheduled by appointment. If you wish a kennel tour we are more than happy to do that, but please schedule in advance so we can be here to meet you and so that someone paying for a private lesson is not interrupted. On the flip side, if you are delayed for some reason, just call and if we can extend our hours to ease your travel burden, we will!
THANK YOU!!!      

1 pet - $20.00     2 pets - $18.00 each     3 pets - $16.00 each   4 pets - $14.00 each   5 or more - $12.00 each
Charges accrue by calendar day.

There is no charge for medications or extra treats and hugs.

Our furry guests often get dirty while playing with us on the farm.
We offer a Bath and Nail Trim so they can come home clean!

Reservations are required.
Boarding space is limited. 
We only take as many dogs as we can play with and give attention to. 
All dogs must have current vaccinations.