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2012 Farm Dog News!
MAY 2012: SDTC Obedience Trial. Chase finishes his Rally Advanced title with 2 second place finishes. What a good boy! 
Vogue enters her first AKC performance trial and earns 2 Q's in Rally Novice. It was a blast to be in the obedience ring again. 
I think the dogs enjoyed it also. It was a great weekend with great friends. Thank you everyone.
The year is starting off with a big bang! JANUARY: AKC Portland Rose City Classic. Huge show, over 3000 total dogs entered. The Australian Shepherd entry was 60+/70+/80+/70+. The first day of the show DejaVu takes Winner's Bitch - and then BOW/BOB!! OMG! She and Andrea rocked the ring. That was an amazing win and an honor to be competitive in the same ring with some of the top Aussies in the country. 
On Saturday Deja took Winner's Bitch, then BOW. 
In the Rally ring, Andrea and Rocki earned 2 legs towards their Rally Novice title with an 89-1st and 89-2nd place. 
Rocki is 10 months old and just getting started. 
This was the 2nd show in history that the Miniature American Shepherd puppies (4-6 month only), could show in the Miscellaneous puppy class. Cheryl handled a Ditto daughter, bred by Karen Rohde at Snake River Miniature Aussies. 'Chatter' took Best of Breed Puppy over the puppy that won Best in Show two weeks before! Yeah Chatterbox! She finished up with Best in Show Puppy, Miscellaneous Class.
JUNE/JULY 2012 we entered the AKC ring for the first time as Miniature American Shepherds. At 14 months old, Kindle won her class each time and came in second only to Karen Rohde and Whisper!! AND THEN - Karen and Whisper went on to earn the conformation CERTIFICATE of MERIT, the equivelant of a Championship for Misc. breeds. Whisper is only the 4th Mini American in the country to earn this recognition. We are sooo proud of the team that Karen and Whisper are.
JUNE 31, 2012 - DEJAVU finishes her AKC CHAMPION title!! 

2011 Farm Dog News!
And then - the remodel and expansion happened. Show season was short this year! 
JULY: Post Falls IABCA show. Vogue's daughter 'Kindle' (from the Experimental Litter), earned what might be our last Best in Show Rare Breed puppy. She also earned a Reserve BIS Bred by Puppy. 
MAY: Spokane Dog Training Club Obedience trials. I finally got Andrea and Desi back in an obedience ring, (Andrea is an agility junkie!). They had an awesome day and placed third in their Novice A class. They also rocked Rally-O, qualifying in both rally runs with 3rd and 4th placements. Yeah! Chase earned his highest personal heeling score in obedience and qualified in both his Advanced Rally-O runs. Apparently we all have the capability of being 'Obedient'. Who would have thought? ;)

 Shortly after our wonderful weekend at the Obedience trial, we found out that Desi had advanced cancer throughout. It only took 2 short months to lose that battle. Dogs definitely do not live long enough and take pieces of our hearts when they go. 
Andrea's Dessiray Racer, CGC, MX, MXJ, and many, many more. But mostly, 1 child raised to maturity. Thank you for a being a wonderful part of our life Desi, we miss you. 

2010 Farm Dog News!
OCTOBER: Nationals - The BIG competition of the year for our minis. 
And passed her herding instinct test with flying colors and competed in MVA in herding, rally and agility.
Vogue also completed her GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP with this spectacular win. 
Vogue took Best of Opposite at Thursday's Preshow in the BOB ring under Judge Pat Hastings.
Chandrea's Next Top Model has beauty AND brains!!
Chase earned HIGH IN TRIAL RALLY!!!! 
Chandrea's Outline in Black & White with Bluegrass, 'Trace', placed in his 9-12 month boy puppy class each show.
Chandrea's Bluegrass Jamboree of Heartland earned PREMIER FEMALE!! We are so proud of Jamboree.
Chandrea's Whatta Hunybe at Patchwork took Winner's Bitch at Friday's Preshow. 
Hunnybe is a Grand-Buglet and keeping his legacy alive.
CHANDREA FARMS TAKES 3rd Place in the Breeder's Showcase at Nationals. We are honored to be in the ribbons with the best of the best. That was an awesome ring packed full of beautiful dogs and offspring.
AUGUST: Post Falls IABCA. Tundra takes BOB. Deja takes all 4 Herding Group Puppy #1 and a Reserve BISP. Karen and Whisper take BOB BX Puppy all 4 shows with Reserve BISP and Reserve BISP Rare Breed. Congratulations!
JUNE: PACMASC 1st Summer Specialty - was awesome!! Trace takes Best of Opposite Puppy all 3 shows. Vogue takes the 'Movement' class all 3 shows!! And her first adult BEST OF BREED under Pat Hastings as Judge!!! And then a Best of Opposite to her daddy, Rogue. And the new girl on the block, 'April', takes 2 Winner's Bitch, Best of Opposite and Best of Winners! Congratulations to Laurie Morrow and Chandrea's Nutmeg at Sun-up, 'Megan' for taking the 3rd Winner's Bitch and Chandrea's Gossip Girl at SnakeRiver and Karen Rohde for taking Reserve Winner's Bitch!!
MAY: Chase earns his Rally Novice Title!!

2009 was another awesome year for Chandrea Farms!
The youngsters are fulfilling their promise.
Tundra started and finished his NAMASCUSA Championship in Colorado in 1 huge weekend over a field of 40+ more mature dogs - at the tender age of 11 months. What a boy!
Vogue finished her NAMASCUSA Championship in grand style!
At the 2009 Nationals in Missouri -
Bree takes Best Brood Bitch!
Vogue takes Best Head Type Female!
Tundra takes a Premier Male! 

Unfortunately 2009 was also a year of sadness. I have found that it is easy to update the website when the news is good - when it is not so good - the task becomes difficult. Two of our furry family members have sadly left us for the Rainbow Bridge. Bug unexpectedly and suddenly passed on November 8th. He leaves a true legacy with many great dogs in the Aussie world. He also left a hole in my heart.
Right after Christmas my first competition dog, Ginger, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, passed after a long and full life with us. She was 13 and still believed that life revolved around tennis balls, as well it should. Whether they leave us too soon or at a time more expected - neither is 'easier'. 
We miss you Ginger and Buggy Boy! 

2008 was an awesome year for Chandrea Farms!
Boomerang took BEST IN SHOW at Post Falls, 8/31/08!!
Bree takes BEST OF BREED at Nationals and finished her 
Bree's daughter, Vogue, takes BEST OF BREED PUPPY at Nationals!!
Bree's son, Cane, takes Best of Opposite Puppy at Nationals!!
Boomerang's son, Tundra, takes Best of Opposite Puppy at Nationals & Reserve Best in Show Puppy at his first IABCA show!!
'Buglets' and 'Grand Buglets' are winning all over the country!!
and more . . . 
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AKC Registered Miniature American Shepherd Dogs
AKC/ASCA Registered Australian Shepherd Dogs

We are hooked on Aussies and have searched far and wide to bring together some of the best of the breed whether large or small!
Our dogs are chosen with an eye for temperament, health, substance, style, and working ability. All appropriate health clearances are completed before breeding. We strive to produce dogs that are an improvement on the generation before and that will be healthy, happy and permanently loved for all their lives. Each one of these dogs are family members and friends and each has an activity or job that they love. 
To be able to expand a breeding program and still give each dog the love and attention it deserves, some puppies are co-owned and live with their own family. These special dogs get to be loved twice and have VIP (Very Important Puppy) Farm visiting privileges!
Breeding programs need to be somewhat fluid in order to improve. There is always more to learn, new testing available and even changes in registration options. All factors are taken into consideration and have helped our goals to become more defined. Some difficult and exciting decisions have been made regarding the best choices for our breeding program. I hope you enjoy watching our growth and improvements. 
We are raising dogs with titles on BOTH ends of their name!

Click on the eyes to learn more about each dog, their accomplishments, health clearances and offspring. 
Scroll down for highlights of current Chandrea news and accomplishments.

RED BI Female,  Whelped 3/05/2004 - NAMASCUSA Registered, Spayed
OFA Hips & Elbows GOOD, Patellas normal, thyroid normal, CERF clear, MDR1 Normal/Normal. Full dentition, scissors bite. 17"
NAMASCUSA Nationals Best Brood Bitch 2009!
HIT Rally-O, HIC, CGC, AX, AXJ, RN, NF, NGC, TG-N, WV-N, NVersatility, OAC, OJC, TN-O, MVA-P10
Delta Certified Pet Partner
BLUE MERLE MALE, Neutered, whelped 3/1/03 - 4/12/15 - 17"
HIGH IN TRIAL RALLY-O Nationals 2010!!

My little Blue Heart. RIP you Very Special Boy. 
Whelped 6/15/08 - 7/19/18 - AKC/MASCUSA Registered
OFA Hips GOOD, Elbows GOOD, Patellas normal, Thyroid Normal, PRA Clear/Normal, HC Clear/Clear
MDR1 Mutant/Normal, CEA Clear, DM Clear. CERF cleared annually. Full dentition, scissors bite. 19"
NAMASCUSA Nationals Premier Male 2009!

Miss you Buddy Boy. 
Grand Champion BOB CHANDREA's NEXT TOP MODEL, HIC, MVA-P10                    'Vogue'
RED TRI Female
Whelped 4/8/08 - AKC/MASCUSA Registered
OFA Hips GOOD, Elbows GOOD, Patellas normal, Thyroid Normal, PRA Clear/Normal, H/C Clear/Clear, CEA Clear, DM Clear..
MDR1 Normal/Normal, CERF cleared annually. Full dentition, Scissors bite. 17"
NAMASCUSA Nationals BEST OF BREED 10/10/2010!! Nationals Best Head Type Female, 2009!
CHANDREA'S PRACTICAL MAGIC                                                                                    'Savvy'
RED MERLE Female, 16.5"
Whelped 6/24/17 - AKC Registered
CERF Clear
OFA - Too young
Genetics: ALL CLEAR by parentage. PawPrint Miniature American Shepherd panel pending.
Page Pending . . . 
  Gone but Never Forgotton

Whelped 2/13/12 - AKC/MASCUSA Registered
OFA too young, PRA Clear/Normal, HC Clear/Clear by parentage AND testing. CEA Clear, DM Clear.
MDR1 Mutant/Normal, CERF clear. Full dentition, scissors bite. 
Page coming soon . . . 
Andrea & Desi
HIT Junior Awards
AKC Grand Champion CHANDREA'S TOMBOY TUNDRA, CGC                                        'Taiga'
BLACK TRI Female, 16.5"
Whelped 3/16/14 - AKC Registered
CERF Clear
OFA Hips GOOD, Elbows GOOD, Patellas normal. 
Genetics: ALL CLEAR through PawPrint Miniature American Shepherd full panel. 
Page Pending . . .